New York City is the only city in the world that I have seen that has long piles of garbage bags lining its streets. Unsightly!

The problem can be easily, and perhaps, profitably, solved by having the garbage enclosed in standard spec metal “housings”.  The could be artistic or have advertizing, even moving ads if the location has that type of demand.

A recent walk in Times Square, with piles of garbage at corners, was embarrassing to show to a friend visiting from Los Angeles. The structures could have seating facing the sidewalk with planters.  Garbage could be put in from a hinged top on the sidewalk side and removed with sliding doors on the street side.  Will the union permit this new human abuse to our “sanitation engineers”?

Donald S. Weiss

New Yorkers have grown accustomed to the garbage. It is true, in midtown areas where there are active BIDs, the garbage is contained quite nicely. However, even in these neighborhoods, the problem exists that there is a constant abundance of large black garbage bags that line the sidewalk once, twice or three times a week waiting for pickup at some point in the future.

On a trip to Paris, I was going to do some “research” on how Paris manage to stay so clean. I saw the sanitation crews early in the mornings washing down the streets, but I never saw large accumulations of garbage. When I asked a friend, she told me the garbage is picked up on a very regular schedule - within one half hour of the scheduled pick up. For those who know the day and time and can be home, the garbage containers (not just bags on the sidewalk) stays out for only a short time. I suppose the commercial garbage is handeled the same way.

NYC, with a minimal effort, could have sponsors for uniquely designed “garbage holders”. For the large accumulations, larger containers could be created. They could have other uses - seating, flower beds, etc. I will be asking some artists, designers and architects to include their ideas on this site. I guess the city has been working for a few decades on how to better contain the garbage left in cans at corners. I hope within this decade, a clever idea will emerge so street corners are not overflowing with garbage.

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